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Dock Diving at Pro Dog Academy

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Exploring the New Dock Diving Facility in West Palm Beach

If you have a pup that loves water and swimming, then look no further than the future dock diving facility at Pro Dog Academy in Florida. This cutting-edge facility will be the perfect place for your pup to stay active and hone their K9 agility by competing against others or testing their skills in the sport of dock diving.

We offer a wide range of dog training services and activities designed to meet your pup’s needs. Our state-of-the-art pool and equipment setup will be tailored to different age and skill levels – from beginner to advanced – so no matter what your pup’s experience level, they can still have fun mastering this popular K9 sport. E-mail us if you are interested in being added to the list of for when this facility is completed.

The biggest draw for many of our customers is that all of our pool activities will be conducted under the supervision of professional dog trainers. We believe that safety should always be paramount and our team of experienced trainers is there to help ensure that all participants enjoy themselves yet remain safe at all times. We anticipate offering monthly membership for our dock diving facility to where you can use the facility very much like you would use a gym.

Our facility will feature a ramp system, allowing us to accommodate all kinds of leaping into the air. The pool itself will be equipped with a lane which gives ample room for each pup’s dives without compromising their comfort or safety during each jump.

From competition events such as Flyball or Frisbee contests to everyday playtime activities like fetching balls or frisbees off the docks – we guarantee there’s something here fit for every kind of pooch! In addition, we also provide basic puppy swimming lessons for those who may not have had prior experience in deep water environments before coming here. The goal of this future concept is to provide an opportunity for functional training and fun activities for dogs in West Palm Beach.

So if you’re looking for a safe and fun way for your pup to stay active then come on down to Pro Dog Academy in Florida today! Our dock diving facility will provide a unique environment where owner/dog teams can bond while developing their skills both on land and in water settings – creating lifelong memories together!

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