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We understand that you want the best for your canine companion. Our team of certified dog trainers goes above and beyond to ensure that your pup receives quality training near West Palm Beach. Led by a passionate and dedicated staff, Pro Dog Academy offers superior instruction for all ability levels. 

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Welcome to Pro Dog Academy! We are the leading provider of customized dog training services in Loxahatchee, Florida. Our mission is to provide reliable and trustworthy services to help you build a strong bond with your furry companion and enhance their quality of life. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team of professional trainers are experts at helping you achieve your goals.

At Pro Dog Academy, we offer a range of services for both pet owners and professional handlers alike. For pet owners, we specialize in Boot Camp programs where you can leave your pup with us for an extended period and we provide everything from basic obedience training to more advanced commands like scent detection or protection work. We also offer private 1 on 1 sessions that allow our experienced trainers to work closely with you and your pup so that they can learn effectively while being challenged properly.

If you’re looking into protection work, our expert staff offers top-of-the-line sales options as well as intensive protection dog training programs that will ensure your pup is well equipped with the skills they need to fulfill their new roles after graduating from our program. Our experienced team has a background in with with law enforcement and military service and knows first hand how important it is to have control and confidence in any situation.

No matter what kind of services you require, at Pro Dog Academy we guarantee top-notch quality and specialized care for every single one of our clients. We understand the importance of establishing trust between pup and owner so that both parties get the most out of each session or program. Contact us today if you want your four-legged friend to reach their full potential!

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Pro Dog Academy serves all of greater Palm Beach, including the following communities:

Belle Glade | Boca Raton | Boynton Beach | Canal Point | Delray Beach | Greenacres | Jupiter | Lake Harbor | Lake Worth | Loxahatchee | North Palm Beach | Pahokee | Palm Beach | Palm Beach Gardens | South Bay | Wellington | West Palm Beach

Boot Camp

Basic Obedience to Advanced Off Leash Skills

Private Dog Training

1 on 1 dog training lessons appropriate on a case by case basis.

Dog Trainers’ Program

Comprehensive student program for those interested in a career in dog training. 

Setting the standard

Professional in a different way

Pro Dog Academy offers all phases of training and behavior modification. Our dog training school also offers one-on-one as well as boot camp for our training clients.

All dog training programs are specifically designed for you and your dog’s needs. As with the other training programs offered at Pro Dog Academy, our training classes start with an evaluation of your dog’s temperament and aptitude, as well as a discussion of what your family’s needs and goals are.

Every dog is treated as an individual, and training is carried out accordingly. Most dogs want nothing more than to please their people, and most people don’t know how to communicate their wishes to their dog. Pro Dog Academy helps teach the dog what humans want, and teach humans how to engage their dog and keep them engaged when communicating

The Pro Dog Academy Difference

Obedience Training

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog we help you achieve your dog’s desired behavior. Puppy development, imprinting, socialization, instinct development and enrichment are all part of our programs.

Behavior Modification Training

Dog, people, food or toy aggression can all be managed – let us help you resolve any issues in your dog’s behavior, whether that be mannerism or concerns with aggression. Our programs can help.

Personal Protection Training

Do you need a dog with the high level of training needed to act as a protection K9 for you? We can help you develop or find the dog for you.  We can effectively match up a handler with a K9.

K9 Officer & Handler Training

We help law enforcement agencies develop skills for single and multi-purpose K9 officers and their handlers. We are LEO friendly and have references and the resources to train your K9 properly.

About Our Head Trainer

Who we are

Oscar Rojas has more than 20 years of experience training dogs and their owners for pet ownership, working dog roles, and Schutzhund competitions. He has been able to help with all types of challenges, from basic commands for pet owners to advanced agility and protection exercises for competition performance. Oscar’s leadership and dedication have distinguished him as an outstanding trainer in the canine community.


What our clients say

Maysiri Albrieux

We cannot thanks Oscar enough for all the help with our dog Charlie. When we were giving up on Charlie we found the Best trainer and it was the best investment ever. Our dog made a complete change. He is obedient and follows all commands.

Krissy Costanzo

Oscar took Snowball from a zero to a hero in no time flat. My dog had good training, but I always thought he had more potential and wanted him to be more on point with his commands. Oscar has installed those commands and brought out so much more in him than I thought possible.

Eva Civitella

I can’t thank Oscar enough. He helped save my German Shepherd- Civi’s life. One month ago, Civi was not able to be around anyone outside of my immediate family without growling and causing an absolute scene. Today, he is able to socialize with strangers.

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